Spirit Equity is a public health, financial, and racial equity initiative that aims to foster a healthy and sustainable culture by addressing mental illness, implicit bias, and financial inequity prevalent in our society.

Our mission is to help individuals form healthy communities, workplaces, and lifestyles by replacing harmful behaviors and practices with equitable and sustainable alternatives. We firmly believe that by addressing these underlying issues with education and community reinforcement, we can reduce instances of violence, systemic oppression and marginalization.

Our program offers comprehensive education and assistance to students in partnership with school districts, employees in corporations, and for free to the general public .By combining mental health and equity tools, financial literacy, with a supportive community, we aim to organically build a new culture that prioritizes equity, well-being, and social change.

To ensure the effectiveness of our program, we have assembled a team of licensed and certified trainers who deliver mental health, finance, and equity course materials in user-friendly, innovative ways. Our approach combines expertise from multiple disciplines to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills that can be applied in their daily lives.

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‘Walking the Talk’ July 22nd.