Activism is hard , but being marginalized is harder.

We have all witnessed the depressed encampments throughout Oakland. No one knows what to do about it.  No one has a solution for the housing crisis, the job market or the discrepancy in wealth for the %1 and  %99.

We decided to focus on what could be done. We could show our  community how much we care by cooking the people in homeless encampments a warm breakfast.

We partnered with Kenny’s Heart and Soul food, truck.  Our “demonstration” of inclusion and love just so happened to fall on Easter Sunday. And unfortunately on Kenny’s only off day in months.

He donated his kitchen, his expertise and his time at 6 am. The volunteers showed up, some armed in their own aprons and we were off to a great start.We made pancakes (the first batch was hilarious) and sausage , loaded the truck and visited all of the encampments on the West side/downtown.

There were no speeches, and no introductions to our cause, No selfies etc. We were met by the community with appreciation and some with shame. I wished they understood that  we share in the shame of their positions, partially benefiting from an unfair society.We felt deeply humbled by the experience and fortunate to be the ones in the position to give and also happy to do so.

Giving is but one part of receiving.

-Spirit of Oakland

Dalila Dynes


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